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1hr Pilot

Accolades: Stowe Story Labs Full Scholarship Recipient (2023), Coverfly Top 5%, Quarterfinalist Austin Film Fest (2023), WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Quarterfinalist (2023), Semifinalist Shore Scripts TV Pilot (2022),  Quarterfinalist Screencraft Sci-Fi and Fantasy (2021), 1st Place Northwestern Krevoy Competition (2017)

Yanzi enjoys a privileged, carefree life as part of the dystopian Nation's ruling class until her friend suddenly disappears. To find her, Yanzi must untangle a dangerous web of lies that threatens to destroy the life she knows — and the people she loves most.

The Extraordinary Disappearance of Morwenna Gray

1hr Pilot

Accolades: Coverfly Top 5%, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Quarterfinalist (2023), Shore Scripts TV Pilot Semifinalist (2023),  Finish Line Quarterfinalist (2023)

Five years after World War I, private detective Jeremiah Sze returns to his conservative hometown where he must confront past trauma to find his missing childhood sweetheart.


1hr Pilot

In a future wasteland where water is money, the appearance of a young girl who can make it rain triggers a war between thirsty mercenaries, powerful cultists, and a mysterious society that believes she's meant to save the world. (In Progress)


I'm busy and haven't had time to do this section yet, so here's a screencap from one of my fave films of all time

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