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I'm Irene and I write TV and more. I spend my free time reading for Slamdance, teaching people about whiskey, and nerding out about wild mushrooms. My past lives include "journalist", circus chick, Arabic tutor, fake hotel manager, and all-around layabout.

Some people think I'm good at writing, and if you're one of them you should hire me. Scroll down for a shameless pedigree dump and ignore any endorsements that may pop up on the way.

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I'm a lil bigger now

"A pretty good writer" — Mrs. Jensen, 7th/8th Grade Honors Literature Teacher at Redmond Junior High School

"She's kinda cute" — Youtube commenter

"the coolest person I know" — Adora Svitak, writer, academic, former child genius, current adult

"Filipino? Korean? Korean. Japanese? Konnichiwa. Nihao. Okay, where are you from? No but where are you REALLY from?" — 1 in 5 men

"Definitely a CIA spy" — other Youtube commenter

shameless pedigree dump

my stuff has been in

New York Times, Joysauce, Business Insider, Modern Retail, Roads & Kingdoms, Inside Arabia,

Tribeca, Cannes, AAIFF, STUFF, and more


Stowe Story Labs Full Scholarship Recipient (2023)

Unlock Her Potential Mentee, Mentor: Patricia Resnick (2022)

Fulbright Creative Arts Grant to Morocco, Filmmaking (2017-2018)

1st Place, Krevoy Screenwriting Competition Undergrad Division, Northwestern University (2017)

maybe you saw me on

The Young Turks, Sky News, Hespress, Febrayer

my degree is

B.A., Middle East/North African Studies and Radio/TV/Film — Northwestern University

super impressed? contact me

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